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Zombies du jour

Zombies du jour

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So some of you who know me are aware that I tend to devote a certain percentage of my free time to pondering what to do in case of the incredibly unlikely outbreak of the walking dead. I'll admit it's a largely irrational fear however my fear of the living dead is one that is both undeniable as well as an almost guilty pleasure. If you've never taken the opportunity to think about what you'd do in the event the dead once more walked the earth give it a try.
Anyhow I spent part of this afternoon reading the excellent book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. It covers preparation, evasion and hunting of the walking dead in great detail and for the most part covers every eventuality and situation the average person may encounter during the outbreak. When I got home from the bookstore I decided to check out what particular sites I could find that either made reference to the book or else discussed (seriously or not) the existence of the living dead. During this search I stumbled upon this site: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency which purports to be a site dedicated to a now defunct US Government Agency. Alright a well defined Hoax that is a decent read with fairly good quality documentation. While perusing that site I stumbled across a link to: The Santa Rosa Institute a genetic research lab that apparently has developed an anti-aging drug. What little actual scientific info on the site seems actually plausible. Not bad. Providing decent background to a hoax is an excellent way to add authenticity. Very nice indeed. Some of the names mentioned in the SRI board are actual names connected to actual genetic research companies (thanks google). A few points against it: whois info for SRI lists lee eddy as the contact for everything. If in fact this was a 50 year old organization you would assume the IT head would be listed rather than the marketing director. The FVZA site also shows an electron microscope view of a "zombie virus" that looks remarkably like either a parvovirus or else papilloma virus.
Anyhow the FVZA website is clearly labeled as a fictional site with no point other than being entertaining. I couldn't easily find anything describing the Santa Rosa Institute as being fictional but undoubtedly it is. the real mystery is why either of these two sites were created and why the name "Dango Productions" (name of webdesign company for FVZA) was also the recipient of an award in Albuquerque for public relations work. Yet aside from the FVZA website and the listing of receiving an award no other info can be found.
I at first thought this was a PR stunt to gain a reputation for "Dango Productions" then I thought it might have been a part of some "alternate reality RPG" ala the Matrix game or the AI game but nothing really sticks out as being part of something like that nor can I find anything that it would related to (i.e. a move tie-in or book tie-in).
Oh well at least it provided me some fairly good entertainment and reinforced the notion that being a zombie hunter would be a great job for me:

Try taking the test and see how you come out.
  • I realize you wrote this 8 years ago, but I just happened upon this entry through two other Websites - Museumofhoaxes.com where they talk about your entry and again on the FVZA Website. I thoroughly enjoyed playing around on the FVZA site (knowing it was all for entertainment purposes only) and actually have the creator's permissions to feature some of the information in my book.

    Just wanted to say - I enjoyed your article.
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